NOSSO is the ideal drink to maintain a healthy diet. Neither preservatives nor flavor enhancers are added, helping you to establish a well-balanced and wholesome lifestyle. NOSSO is rich in vitamin C and valuable minerals, causing it to be the ideal source of energy after your workout or during a meeting.

Since NOSSO only contains natural ingredients, it can also be enjoyed by those who suffer from gluten- or lactose-intolerance or follow a vegan lifestyle. But see for yourself. Here’s a list of all matched criteria:


Whether you prefer the natural flavor, pineapple, lime or mango – NOSSO coconut water is exclusively made out of fresh raw materials. Our coconuts are planted ecologically until we harvest them at the ideal time. Of course we’ve established the same standards for our mangos, limes and pineapples.

100% Natural

Premium raw-materials instead of artificial additives – the premise we based our NOSSO dream on can be tasted with every sip. NOSSO contains no additives, flavor enhancer, or artificial aroma – yet it tastes much more aromatic and authentic than many others.


Gluten-free but full of energy! Our refreshing energy drinks are gluten-free and can be enjoyed by all those who are gluten-intolerant.


Fat free, fresh and fruity: NOSSO is a guilt-free pleasure and even more – the fat free drink benefits your healthy lifestyle.


You’re vegan and in need of a delicious source of energy? That’s NOSSO! It contains no animal products, but many carefully chosen raw materials of very high quality.


NOSSO coconut water is produced according to the requirements of the Jewish law and can therefore be considered as kosher.


Our coconut water is prepared in conditions that follow the rules of Islamic law.


You’d like to lose some pounds or you simply enjoy eating healthy? In that case, NOSSO coconut water is the right drink for you. With less than 20kcal/100ml NOSSO can be used ideally as a source of energy with very few calories. Our fruity flavors barely have more calories.

No preservatives

Naturally tasty – Based on this premise we produce NOSSO without adding any preservatives to our natural ingredients. Instead we believe in constantly improving our harvesting and production habits to produce the freshest coconut water there ever was.